CIRCLE Conference Attendees Share:

I was at the conference last year and I was even more comfortable than last year with being challenged outside my comfort zone. This shows that the conference can have a cumulative effect over time.

Great to get things kicked off and lay the groundwork.

Loved that break-out sessions gave concrete take-aways.

It was more than I expected and hoped for. It gave me sustaining energy to keep doing the work I'm so impassioned to do. Thank you!

The CIRCLE Conference was so much more than I expected. Packed with amazing perspectives. Truly Inspiring!

It was everything I expected and more! Very engaging and gave me a lot to think about.

I didn't really know what to expect, but I liked all of my sessions and Rodney's talk was life changing.

The keynote was phenomenal and set the tone for the rest of the day. The message about love - for yourself and others was incredibly moving, I think permeated all the workshops and reflections.

Because of CIRCLE:

I hope to take what I learned and use it to inform conversations about equity and justice with the staff and students I work with.

Be even more vigilant about awareness for myself. Feel more empowered to affect change at the PA level and as a parent.

I will speak loud and proud Ask the courageous questions that need to be asked within our organization.

Being a STAMP leader was life changing!

What Middle school participants are saying:

I want to thank you for putting this together and let you know you all did really good.
Thank you for taking the time to teach and educate me and everyone else. this was AWESOME!!!!! I will try to come back every year asl long as possible
That made a really big impact on what I do and the way I think of myself and other things It was super fun and it taught me a lot about how different people are treated in society.

Students share their self-discoveries and take aways that lead to action:

I will have a higher perception of who I am and take actions in the world on the topics I believe in.

I am more confident in my leadership skills and am going to use what I learned.

Have an open mind when I meet people.I will be more accepting and empathetic towards other people's backgrounds and stories.

I will speak up against racism, sexism and bullying.

I will stand up for anyone making fun of or offending the LGBTQ community.

I learned not to let what others think of me define me.

Make sure that if I know that someone has been bullied to stand up for them because I know the effects it can have on people.

I won't judge myself and I will not judge others either. I have a new definition of beauty

This day made me think a lot and I made new friends I will be more confident in myself and not put so much power in what others think of me.

Thank you to our Partners!