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Connecting Responsive Communities

CIRCLE works with young people, schools, and organizations across sectors to address systemic inequity and interpersonal inclusiveness. Everything we do is interconnected.

Our mission is in our name: Connecting Inclusive Responsive Communities Leading Education

STAMP HS Leaders 2023

CIRCLE Upcoming Happenings

Check out our upcoming programs for young people and adults passionate about learning and sharing in the push for inclusive, social change.

STAMP Camp In The City
STAMP Camp In The City
August 05 - August 09, 2024

What we do

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Youth Leadership

Year-round STAMP youth leadership opportunities for students in 7th-12th grade.

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Multi-Generational Learning

Multi-Generational learning experiences for lifelong learners committed to building inclusive communities.

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Organizational Consulting

Transformational consulting & coaching to organizations and individuals across sectors.

Everything we do, comes full circle.

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Making Good Things Happen

CIRCLE is founded and run by woman of color, Carla Mestas, MA. The organization grew out of the ongoing grassroots efforts from a collective, diverse group of people committed to building inclusive communities as community members, educators, non-profit professionals, and business leaders. Our work is centered in community co-creation, hands-on shared learning.


Our Events

We have all sorts of great events for everyone, all the people. Come and join us. Can't wait to see you soon.

STAMP Camp In The City
STAMP Camp In The City
August 05 - August 09, 2024

Love of Humanity: Partners & Sponsors

Garland Country Day School Partner
Stanley British Primary School
St. Mary's Academy
Kent Denver School
St. Anne's Episcopal School